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Monday, May 09, 2005

Dos de fuerza de voluntad.

Dos productos,obvio Super Mario Stadium:Porque es de fuerza de voluntad?Porque tengo que aguantar a que salga! Powerseed:ES de fuerza de voluntad porque: While eating, activate your coach and place it at inconspicuous [sic] location on your table. Every thirty seconds the Powerseed silently flashes a small green light (or it can beep softly if you prefer). At each signal take a bite. Savor it slowly and mindfully. Focusing your attention in this way imparts a new sense of control over the eating process, enhances the filling effect of the food and improves digestion…Every five minutes the Powerseed flashes a different signal as a reminder to evaluate your level of hunger or food satisfaction. When you detect the first twinge of satisfaction, you simply quit eating Sin comentarios.